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Although many firms of attorneys attempt to provide a full spectrum of legal services, we believe that we can better serve our clients’ needs by specialising in those areas of the law which are best suited to our legal team’s knowledge, experience and capabilities.

Our firm specialises in Family Law and Divorces.

Family Law Practice

The Family Law Department is headed by Johan Wepener.

Our speciality is divorces, in which we have a wealth of experience. We realise that getting divorced is a stressful even traumatic – experience; however rest assured that we will approach your situation with consideration and compassion, we will protect your interests and deal with the matter in a professional, discreet and competent manner. Our aim and vision is to settle all divorce actions on an amicable basis irrespective of circumstances or who the opposing attorney is. However, we will never compromise our client’s rights in trying to achieve this and will at all times fiercely and effectively protect these rights. Johan also caters for clients who have agreed on all aspects of a divorce, helping them to professionally finalise the procedure in an amicable way thus saving huge amounts in legal fees.

It is helpful to point out a few generally accepted myths regarding divorces and custody issues.

MYTH 1: Appointing a so-called “big name” divorce attorney or firm will ensure that I get what I want.

Truth: The division of assets in South African divorces is regulated by a set of rules, principles and legal precedents. A “big name” attorney or firm can only achieve what is possible within the frame- work of our law. Nothing more than this except an excessive bill, which you will have to foot.

MYTH 2: The party who first moves out of the communal home comes second in the divorce action.

Truth: Moving out first will in principle have no negative consequence or connotation attached to it in the ensuing divorce action.

MYTH 3: Unmarried fathers have no say over and only restricted access to their biological children.

Truth: In principle any stable unmarried father supporting his child born out of wedlock can insist on having full rights and access to that child.

MYTH 4:  A settlement is not possible and my “bulldog” divorce attorney will fight for my rights in court.

Truth: All divorces can be settled. How soon this can be achieved depends greatly on the objectivity of the lawyers concerned. A long court battle can very easily ruin the parties financially and emotionally and the only person to gain will be the “bulldog” divorce attorney.

MYTH 5: All attorneys can handle divorce and custody issues.

Truth: In theory this is possible, but not in practice. Divorce and custody issues require an attorney with specific knowledge, expertise and empathy in order to serve the client optimally. Experience in this field of law is of paramount importance.

MYTH 6: Self-help divorces always save money.

Truth: Avoiding a professional divorce attorney can eventually be costly.